The dramatic figurative subjects and light filled landscapes of Mary’s canvases have been described by collectors as allegorical, mystical and religious.  Her subject matter is frequently based on poetry, holy scripture or human condition.  What ever the source – they directly strike a note of empathy with the viewer, moving many to tears.

She began her long career with an interest in pen and ink sketches, exploring black and white contrasts.  Later studying under the wonderful portrait artist, Daniel Greene, she branched out into pastel portraiture.  Next, acrylics became her medium of choice.   But she was forced to put her passion for art on hold while her children were young and concentrate on her passion for them.

“I remember exactly when the decision was made to put my family first – I was working on a large commission in acrylic and was about half way done, when the phone rang in the other room.  As I was talking on the phone – there was a nagging thought in the back of my head telling me that something was happening to my painting.  When I hung up the phone and went back to my studio – there was my adorable little 3 years old daughter, standing on a chair with a brush in her hand.  Across my painting were huge green splashes – ‘I helping, Mommy!’ she squealed with delight!.  Right then and there I realized that I had to shelve the art career until my children were older.”

When the kids did get older, Mary began to be accepted into many of the national juried shows across the country like the Salmagundi Club’s Annual Exhibit and the Allied Artists of American.  Her work was also accepted into numerous galleries in several states.  Currently she is an active member of the local art association, Sanford/Springvale Art Association.  She has self-published a book of her art that can be purchases HERE.  Her work can also be purchased through several on line sources as well as her website.